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Leadership 3p provides leadership development, organization development, and culture change services. We are not a training company. Rather, we partner with executives to create the ideal culture to improve performance and propel the business to the next level. We are a strategic resource.

Our premise is that “
Performance equals Potential minus Interference.” This premise applies to individuals, teams, departments, divisions, and the organization overall.

We help organizations and the people within them perform at their best.

Individuals and, consequently, organizations have a tremendous amount of potential. Yet the current performance is often a far cry from that potential. That’s because there are interferences— things that get in the way of an individual’s ability to perform at their best.

Some of those interferences are organizational; most of the interferences, however, come from within us. It’s what we say to ourselves, that voice we hear in our head that focuses on fear, criticism, lack of self-worth, protection, ego, etc. We help individuals identify those interferences and we equip individuals with the ability to reduce or eliminate those interferences and increase performance.

We have an entire library of proven and powerful content (subject matter.) Our content enhances performance by addressing the root cause of what holds people back from performing at their best. All content is tailored to the needs and realities of the client.

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It's not about knowing, it's about doing. Leadership 3p's approach is designed to drive sustainable profit and growth by focusing on developing great leaders, creating a culture of engaged and committed people, and developing loyal customers. Our task is to help individuals replace old thinking and behavior with new thinking and behavior and make it stick- make it sustainable. It’s like changing a habit. Our approach works because we incorporate spaced learning, emotional intelligence, cooperative & experiential learning, and on the job application. Click below to learn more about our courses in fiscal responsibility,  adaptive leadership, business planning and more.


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