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About Our Why - Leadership 3P

It's not about "knowing," it's about "doing."

Leadership 3p's approach is designed to drive sustainable profit and growth by focusing on developing great leaders, creating a culture of engaged and committed people, and developing loyal customers.

Our task is to help individuals replace old thinking and behavior with new thinking and behavior and make it stick- make it sustainable. It’s like changing a habit.

Our approach works because we incorporate:

Spaced Learning

Changing thinking and behavior does not take place by reading a book, attending a seminar or just because it “should.” Changing thinking and behavior is like changing a habit. It takes practice over time to replace the old with the new. Individuals must practice the new skill frequently. They must use the new skill several times a day for many days until they begin to develop the new habit. We assist participants in building their own personal infrastructure that enables and supports them to continually practice what they’ve learned for a period of time until it becomes their new habit and feels natural to them. Then, we move on to learning the next skill.

Emotional Intelligence

Resistance to change is mostly emotional, not intellectual. People often resist doing things differently not because they don’t intellectually understand the need to do things differently, but because doing things differently doesn’t feel right. It is emotionally uncomfortable. It may bring up emotions of fear, stress, anxiety, self-worth, etc.— much of which may not be rational, yet gets in the way. We help individuals learn how to overcome their emotional resistance to thinking differently and doing things differently. We help individuals build their emotional intelligence.

Cooperative Learning

Individuals learn more quickly, more deeply, and retain the learning longer when they learn in a cooperative group setting. With cooperative learning, participants are accountable for their own learning as well as the learning of the team members.

Experiential Learning

Adults learn best by doing. Therefore experiential activities and exercises are utilized to drive home content points and enable participants to experience first-hand the positive impact of using what they learn.

On the Job Application

Individuals are more likely to embrace learning when they experience its relevance. As individuals practice on the job what they learned, they pay attention to what worked well, what didn’t work so well, and what they would do differently in the future. And, their experience and insight is shared with one another creating a learning organization. By incorporating all the above into our approach, we help close the “knowing-doing gap”— that frustrating place where individuals “know” what to do, but they just don’t do it. Or, they do it for a while but eventually fall back to their old ways.

We help automotive organizations and the people within them perform at their best.

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