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Our Leadership 3P Training Courses - Profit

Fiscal responsibility, Improved performance = improved financial status

Leadership 3p provides leadership development, organization development, and culture change services. We are not a training company. Rather, we partner with executives to create the ideal culture to improve performance and propel the business to the next level. We are a strategic resource.

Our premise is that “
Performance equals Potential minus Interference.” This premise applies to individuals, teams, departments, divisions, and the organization overall.

Financial Management

A cornerstone of a successful organization must be the integration of financial control at all levels of the organization.

Participants in this workshop will:

Learn the basics for financial planning and fiscal responsibility
Develop a "gap" analysis between current and desired financial performance
Develop a "SMART" action plan to close the financial "gap"
Participate in group exercises to provide experience in calculating:
Gross profit
Controllable income
Controllable expenses
Other expenses
Net profit

The Coach's Playbook

Goal, Plan, Do, Check, Adjust

Target goals, SMART action plans to meet the goals, specific behaviors aligned to follow the plan, process checks weekly, and adjust the plan or behavior daily to meet the goal.

Participants in this workshop will:

Design a Coach's Playbook.
Identify the Coach's Adaptive Leadership Style.
Identify the Team Members' Behavioral Style.
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