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Our Leadership Training Courses - Performance

A highly motivated employee will far out perform a poorly motivated one.

Leadership 3p provides leadership development, organization development, and culture change services. We are not a training company. Rather, we partner with executives to create the ideal culture to improve performance and propel the business to the next level. We are a strategic resource.

Our premise is that “
Performance equals Potential minus Interference.” This premise applies to individuals, teams, departments, divisions, and the organization overall.

Business Planning - A Disciplined Approach

The Planning Process

Performance in a changing environment will not come from management or technological discussions alone. Most often, sustainable productivity and growth are the result of each manager's ability to establish specific goals, design processes to reach the goal, and influence individual and team behavior to reach the goals.

Participants in this workshop will answer 4 key questions in each of 4 key areas - Financial Performance, Market Domination, Customer Loyalty, and Employee Engagement:
What is your current measured performance today?
What would you like your performance to be?
What is your specific action plan to close the gap?
Who is going to do what and when?

Performance Improvement

Effectively bolster employee performance.

A highly motivated employee will far out perform a poorly motivated one. In the past, technology has been used to bolster performance - but technology has its limits. A more robust and rewarding solution combines technology with employee performance improvement.

Participants in this workshop will:
Practice using the Five Performance Factors for performance improvement and job engagement.
1 - Vision, 2 - Goals, 3 - Feedback, 4 - Support, and 5 - Reward
Learn how to identify performance constraints.
Understand the Cycle of Growth:
Phase 1: Autocratic ("Me"), Phase 2: Democratic ("We"), Phase 3: Collaborative ("Us")

Strategic Sales Teams

Follow the sales process consistently, and gain incremental sales.

When the sales process is followed consistently, the sales people will sell more and make more money. All team members, the lead and the sales associate must plan their day, track results, and make modifications for improvement.

Participants in this workshop will:
Execute the process for successful sales teams.
Work the various steps in the process.
Know the processes and forms for immediate sales implementation.
Ensure accountability on a daily basis.

The Service Guest Experience

Quality service is defined as meeting or exceeding guest expectations.

Each service visit is an opportunity for a Positive Emotional Connection with the guest. The steps are the same for every visit, but the Service Professional must utilize interpersonal skills to make each guest experience unique, comfortable, and memorable. The guest must feel that it is easy to do business with your dealership, to ensure every visit will exceed their expectations. Developing relationships based on trust is profitable for everyone.

Participants in this workshop will:
Implement the process for a guest centered service experience.
Utilize fitting personal behavior styles to guest styles to ensure stress free visits.
Practice sample conversations for each step of the process.
Develop a personal action plan.

Service Teams Playbook

The Game Plan

To be successful, every person on a team needs to know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and how individual and team performance affects financial goals. Teamwork takes effort, as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation. A robust team utilizes the Service Process for customer loyalty and improved profitability.

Participants in this workshop will:
Learn the process for success.
Utilize forms and communications for all steps in the process.
Implement the process.

Consultative Selling

The buyer and seller are best served when both parties benefit from the sales transaction.

Customers love to buy, but hate to be sold. Adapting to their needs enhances profitability of the transaction. The buyer and seller are best served when both parties benefit from the sales transaction. Buying is a process of changing thoughts and feelings, and coming to a decision in favor of purchasing a particular item. Customers have to trust that the salesperson can find a product that satisfies their desires. Selling is a process of understanding the buyer's style and adapting your style to their needs.

Participants in this workshop will:
Practice versatility to avoid customer style mismatch, thereby closing more sales.
Practice reducing relationship tension with the customer to increase transaction profitability.
Learn how to determine a dollar value of a loyal customer versus a satisfied customer.

Job Descriptions and Measurement Systems

KRA: Key Responsibility Areas, KRM: Key Responsibility Measurements

If an employee does not know what is expected, performance will suffer. Every person needs to know their job requirements, this is their job description. Every person needs to know how they will meet their requirements, this is their measurement. The great manager will work with their employees to ensure that they know their job requirements, how they measure up and how to improve.

Participants in this workshop will:
Define their job responsibilities.
Understand the measurements associated with their responsibilities.
Know where to go for support.
Recognize your internal motivators to perform at your best.
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